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Simplemente Palabras II

Noted Mexican-American author, Henry Oosterveen, Jr, wrote this collection of eighty-three poems and shorts during the period of 1998 through 2005.  They are all in in the Spanish spoken in his birthplace, San Antonio, Texas. Some were written for an occasion such as a family reunion, the birth of a grandson, a sister’s birthday, the passing of a friend or just to express a feeling, a thought, or a memory.  Others were inspired by a real life event, not necessarily in Henry’s life, but in someone else’s; or even a movie, a story read or heard, a political situation or a song.  Regardless of the inspiration, Henry was able to put himself in that situation and express the feelings that he felt may have transpired.  Some of his work is very touching, some rather deep and maybe even dark, and others even humorous.

A few of the poems have been published in university level literary journals and some in a previously self-published poetry book called Simplememte Palabras I.


Cada libro de la serie HOMILÍAS/HOMILIES Domingo/Sunday contiene 112 homilías bilingües: 56 homilías en Español sobre las lecturas de cada Domingo del año, cada una con su correspondiente traducción en Inglés.  Las homilías fueron escritas en Español y traducidas al Inglés - no al revés como se suele hacer en otros libros y paginas web.  Deseamos y esperamos que sean útiles lo mismo para predicadores de habla hispana como para los de habla inglesa.

(El Diácono Francisco Javier Enderle Pérez, es el ex Director Ejecutivo del Diaconado Permanente de la Arquidiócesis Católica de Washington y el ex Director de Formacion del Clero de la Diocesis Católica de Sacramento. Actualmente esta retirado de ministerio en activo y vive con su esposa, Susana, en el Sur de California.)

Each one of our HOMILÍAS/HOMILIES Domingo/Sunday Books contain 112 homilies: 56 homilies in Spanish based on the Lectionary readings for each Sunday of the year, each with its own English translation. The homilies website were written in Spanish and translated into English - not vice versa as is oftentimes done in other books and websites. We hope that they will be useful to those who preach in Spanish as well as to those who preach in English.
  (Deacon Francis X. Enderle is the former Executive Director for the Permanent Diaconate in the Catholic Archdiocese of Washington and the former Director for Clergy Formation in the Catholic Diocese of Sacramento. He is now retired from active ministry and lives with his wife, Susan, in Southern California.)
Cada homilía fue escrita en español y traducida al inglés - perfecto para las personas que quieren aprender una u otra lengua.

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Simplemente Palabras II
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Días Precepto y Misas Especiales

Holydays and Special Masses
Ciclos/Cycles ABC, Tomo/Book 1



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